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Sweet bus snack car show

Anytime and anywhere,Follow one's inclinations to make money,Connected with the world food trend,Nutrition、Delicious and speed,Easily won popularity。


  • Join characteristics

    Sweet bus multi-functional snack car,Is a collection of delicacies in franchise、Training of technical support、Snacks of supplying raw materials to produce whole process chain nanny service platform
  • Joining process

    1The early stage of the customer consultation
    5The headquarters of the training
    2 Qualification audit
    6Business support
    3Sign the contract
    7Management support
    4 Cost
  • Join the profits

    Investment income

    According to relevant statistics show,General operational stability of store yields in the shops6%To9%,But independent street shop(Food truck)Earnings will be15%To the17%In between

The fighter jet in the food truck

Both bake、Fried、Fried、Rinse、Very hot、Cooking and other functions,The real small roof big shop,The real champion omnipotent king!

Drive the car shop

Do not need to store,Do not need to decorate,No need to rent,All change numerous for brief!

Sweet snack car bus belonging to guangzhou he jia investment management co., LTD. Its famous brand,Company is located in guangzhou city, guangdong province, baiyun district hushan Shi Sha road street86International building stone well1Building7Layer,Is a business、The tax、Food hygiene departments set investment legal approval、Management、 Research and development、The sale in a body is given priority to with franchise of catering management service co., LTD。With perfect management operation system、Major training base and modern office space。

Company's existing more famous strong brand,Collection of ice cream、Fruit drink tea with milk,A barbecue、Fried、Teppanyaki、Early nutrition Meal、Hot pot、Malatang、Hot and sour powder、Nutrition porridge、 Imported food is equal to one。Product variety and fashion personality。Raw materials are all in green、Health... more

Sweet bus
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